PT CPI Web Resources

CI's and CCCE's are required to complete a 6 module training and pass a quiz to get access to the PT CPI Web. This is the tool that you will use to assess your students during their clinical rotation.

The training and modules of the PT CPI Web has a new format. Please follow the below steps to access the training and subsequently get access on the new PT CPI Web. Please click here for a printable guide with photos and a step by step guide.

To access the Training and Quiz:

  1. Click on the following link:[]
  2. Under PT CPI click on "Purchase Now" - $0.00
  3. Login using your APTA member user name and password
  4. Complete the required information and submit
  5. Confirm your information
  6. Go back to the link: [] and login again, you will receive a “Success! You are now logged into the site” message
  7. Now you will need to click on the “PURCHASE NOW $0.00” link/ and the orange, “ADD TO SHOPPING CART”
  8. Click “Continue” and “Products Total” then finally the “Checkout”
  9. Now when you are looking the learning center home page, you need to click on the left hand menu “My Courses”
  10. Then select “Launch” on the PT CPI Web Modules

To get a more detailed description of the steps to access the training, including pictures, please click PT CPI Instructional Guide. Once you have completed the modules and quiz, you will be uploaded by the school to get access to the CPI. You will only need to complete this training once, it will be valid for all future students and schools using the PT CPI Web.

CLICK HERE to access the PT CPI Web Login Page

Please Note: If two clinical instructors are sharing one student, only one clinical instructor can view the student's PT CPI Web. A "primary CI" will be designated and that person will have to complete the CPI in conjunction with the other CI.

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