Clinical Education Scholar Program

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Have you ever prepared for a physical therapy student’s first day at your facility and wondered “What classes has the student already taken?” or “What does the School expect us to achieve during this experience?” Have you ever had a particularly exceptional or challenging student and strived to find the best way to facilitate a successful clinical experience? Did you ever have a personal desire to more closely affiliate with an academic program as an expert clinical teacher? By participating in our Clinical Education Scholar Program (CESP) we invite you to help us explore PT Clinical Education from an entirely new perspective. You will have opportunities to learn and share valuable tools that can enhance your effectiveness as a Clinical Instructor (CI) or a Clinical Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE) conveniently and at no cost (taxes may apply) to you!

Objectives of the Regis PT Clinical Education Scholar Program

  • Develop clinical relationships with practitioners who are committed to the mission of Regis University
  • Invoke partnerships with specific physical therapists (Clinical Scholars) who have a passion for clinical teaching and a commitment to ongoing professional development in clinical teaching.
  • Provide students with clinical experiences that integrate academic objectives of the University while simultaneously role modeling evidence-based autonomous practice.


  • Tuition Credits for Transitional DPT, Fellowship in Manual Therapy, Fellowship in Optimal Aging
  • Independent contractor status with certificate of Regis affiliation
  • Online access to scientific articles through Regis Library systems
  • Ranked faculty mentor to provide ongoing support in evidence based practice strategies, use of outcome measures, and clinical research
  • Access to clinical practice website for web seminars
  • Invitations to student/faculty campus activities (remote electronic attendance options possible)


  • Each Clinical Scholar will be expected to offer a minimum of two clinical rotations per year to Regis students as a CI or CCCE.
  • Complete the Clinical Education Scholar Program Curriculum (see Curriculum Outline below).
  • Maintain current membership in the APTA.

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