Overview of CESP Curriculum

There are 3 components to the CESP Curriculum:

  • DPT 770T Professional Development: 8 week online course which can be taken for credit or non credit basis (or proof of taking similar post-professional course). Click here for a link to Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy website including course descriptions and course dates.
  • Clinical Partnership Modules (8 1-hour online modules) to facilitate further understanding of Regis School of PT, clinical teaching techniques and professional involvement. Ongoing information on current best evidence will be available in many specialty areas.
Joining Regis Clinical Teaching Professional Development
1. Intro to Regis Mission, Service Learning 1. Learning Styles in CE 1. Finding and Using Evidence in Practice
2. Overview of Regis Entry-Level DPT Curriculum 2. Student Orientation & Teaching and Learning Strategies 2. APTA, Advocacy and Governmental Affairs
3. Regis Clinical Education 3. Mentoring Exceptional/Difficult Students 3. Special Topics in Clinical Practice
  • APTA-CI Credentialing Course or Advanced CI Credentialing Course (or proof of previously completing these courses). Both courses are offered throughout the country by APTA instructors and regularly on the Regis campus in Denver, CO. Participants will be reimbursed for customary APTA course fees. Click here for a link to the APTA website listing course dates and locations.

Click Here to view examples of an learning videos used in our online curriculum:

Regional Interdependence of the Lower Extremity
Manual Therapy Approach for the Treatment of Heel Pain

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